CRM Products

Auto generate leads

Forward all the leads from all your lead generation sources like E-mail, website, & B2B portals to Nettyfy CRM to manage them from a single portal.

Lead follow-up Automation

Set Lead Follow-up Automation to as well as quotation follow up automation to increase conversion.

Lead Priority Management

Prioritize leads, and Focus on hot leads to increase the conversion rate

Excel Import/Export

Import, Export Master data in excel sheets to reduce manual input and save time.

Sales, Calls & Visits Tracking

Get your sales person's daily activity reports. Analyze performance based on his activity and sales he generated.

E-Mail / SMS Communication

Auto send E-Mail / SMS against each action you performed to save time.

Primary Follow-ups of Leads

Auto Send Introductory Message through WhatsApp, Mail & SMS on each Incoming Leads.

Continuously Auto Follow-up of Leads

Auto sends Salesperson information & Send Continues Email & SMS to the customer as Lead Progress.

Bulk Email & SMS Marketing

Get all pending receipt in a single dashboard, with multiple filter facility

Single window entry system

Easily create sales order and invoice and payment receipt in a single click from quotation.

Quotation Auto Follow up

Set Auto follow-up of each quotation to increase the conversion ratio with minimum efforts

Payment Auto Follow Up

Set Auto follow-up of each Invoice until it paid to manage your cash flow with ease.

Auto mail quotation & invoice

Automatically send quotation and invoice to customer to reduce your task

Salesperson Performance Report

Track Performance of each sales team and salesperson to decrease your cost of sale

Manage Agent Commission

Manage commission of the agent for each order, until it is paid to them.

Operate from anywhere

with Nettyfy CRM App work from any corner of the world at any time

Mobile Attendance

Manage attendance of field staff through app with GPS location

Driving direction on Map

get your driving direction for your any customer in a single click

GPS Tracking

Track your field staff through GPS and get its reports

Upload image & Doc

Upload image or document to any lead or contact directly from app

Mobile App

Nettyfy CRM can work on all devices like mobile, tablet, with any OS.

Live Sales Reports

Get live sales report on your Personalized dashboard

Sales Team Productivity Reports

Get sales team wise and sales person wise sales report to get their productivity.

Lead Activities Reports

Generate activity reports of your each salesperson every day/month.

Marketing campaign wise Report

Track success of each marketing campaign from this report so you can plan your next marketing move

Personalized Dashboard

Each user can design his own personalized dashboard based on his role and requirements.

Department wise Live Reports

Powerful marketing tool can generate multiple report from your each department to get exact analysis of your business

Auto-Create Task & stages for new project

Auto-Create Project from Sales order with default task

Auto Assign task to the concerned person

Manage multiple currency with auto currency conversion facility

Real-time Activity Reminder Popup

Get a Real-time Notification Popup of your every planned Activity

Track progress of each task in Percentage

Get a Real-time Tracking of each task & Project Progress

Auto Create timesheet based on work on the task

Track daily activity of employee to measure their performance

Customer portal for better tracking & communication

It will increase transparency and trust of your customer

Manage Priority & Deadline

So your employee can plan their task based on priority

Real-time Task & Project Tracking

Increase transparency and reliability in your task & finish the task on deadline easily

User wise Personalised Dashboard

Each user can create his own personalised report based on his requirement and role to perform better

Department wise Dashboard

Each department has its own interactive dashboard to get most information from a single point

Business Intelligence Tool

Customized reporting tools will generate lots of reports to keep you aware of each corner of your business.

Alerts and Notifications

System will generate alerts for your pending task, so you can complete it on time.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting

System will generate multiple reports in multiple formats like pivot, column, pie graph etc for better analysis

Workflow Management

Automate and manage workflow of your business with routes to reduce your process time and cost.

Quotation & Payment Auto Follow-up

Automate and manage workflow of your business with routes to reduce your process time and cost.

Performance Report

Track the Performance report of CRM module.

Feature OF CRM

Lead Capture

capture lead automatically from various sources.

Lead Assignment

Assign, Track and Manage Leads with activities

Sales Pipeline

Manage user wise personalized Pipeline with stages

Activities & Reminders

Personalized activity reminders do not allow to miss any follow-up.

Marketing Automation

Set Auto-follow up and increase conversion rate

Quotation Auto follow-up

create & send quote by mail, and set auto follow up

Mobile CRM

Manage CRM from mobile for your field staff.

Live Reporting

Live report of leads, activity and sales by each salesperson.

Excel Import / Export

Easy to create master by Import, Export data in Excel sheet

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