Resee- A Movie Listing Web Portal Business Growth

We have designed a platform that provides complete reviews for movies along with their listings, and this helps our client increase its business. This website has increased customer loyalty by 60% and raised brand awareness by 72%.
Our expert designers built this platform to be fully responsive, so it can be a perfect fit with any device and screen. The website contains over 1,000 celebrity movies.

Client got 100% growth through this Website

Through this Movie Listing Website client measured 500+registered users

Resee- Movie Listing Web Portal Case Study

Resee is an entertainment platform where you can review the listed movies and gives you a chance to tell local theatres what movies you are willing to watch. You get information about the movie, its director, and the complete star cast of it. It also provides recommended movies to review and ReSee.


ReSee needed help to develop their movie review and listing platform.

They want to create a website in Vue.js and need experts to build it.

They needed a feature to enable users to select their favourite movies they were intended to see in the upload products, manage orders, and maintain inventory.

Project Highlight

A well-designed website that highlights movies and its information.

User-friendly UI/UX design is being built from scratch;

The whole website is being tested and made fully responsive;

Taken care of website security;

High Definition Image Gallery.

Links to social media channels.

Easy to navigate website.

Newsletter subscription.

Solution Provided

We have designed a platform that provides complete review for movies along with its listing.

User able to share their interest to resee the movies in the theater.

Our talented developers have created a better UI/UX for a user-friendly experience with simple color combination.

Placed informative content, blog, client testimonials, FAQs etc. for the customers.

Integrated newsletter subscription to get the latest updates from ReSee.

Our experienced developers have developed the custom website in VueJs and Laravel as backend platform, enabling a user-friendly experience.

Advanced search functionality.

We designed attractive navigation for the client to find out his favorite movies.

Our expert designers built this platform fully responsive that can be a perfect fit with any device and screen.